Cubworld on Sellaband Big Time!

Of course, when you're a Mom, any little achievement of your children is hard not to brag about. But today, September 10th, CUBWORLD Jake-CUB (aka Jacob Kongaika to laie locals) is back on

When he was a child, he always loved an audience. He was always trying to make us laugh. He now has a beautiful wife, and three of the cutest kids ever. Today he has raised over $4,000 towards another CD recording. I hope he gets his wish. I do think he is talented, even if he is my son.

The whole sellaband concept is: aspiring artists upload a few songs and fans buy the artists way to a record deal. The first time Jacob uploaded his stuff on sellaband, he became the first American artist ever to reach the 50k mark. And it only took 4 months.

Jacob has a concert here at BYU Hawaii last spring. The audience LOVED it and he plans to return to do another one next year. He has performed in Europe and around the USA.

Since I can't afford to give him all he needs to make another album, see if you would like to help him out. I particularly like his new song, Good Morning Love. I know Mandy is his biggest inspiration and his children too. You can buy one part for $10 or if you feel generous, any more would be welcome.


I think it is amazingly wonderful that Jake gets this opportunity! I love his stuff!

We hope you and uncle Isi are well. =) Maybe one day(in about a year)we will make it out there for a visit ~ just Sam and I, for another 'honeymoon'. It would be great to see ya
Rob said…
Way to go Jake....can't wait to hear your new album....I love the title. It's hard not to keep braging about you anytime any one mentions music I start telling about my brother on sellaband:). Keep spreading that Aloha! Kia Kaha!