What a strange month. I am now working at the School of Education at BYU Hawaii. So far, I am enjoying it, the people are very friendly and accommodating. I get to walk to the front of campus so I actually am getting more exercise. Since my last cholesterol count was high, I need the exercise and I am watching what I eat more, so hopefully I won't suffer a heart attack.

I am excited to visit Ileina, Jakey, Zion and Izabella in a couple of weeks. I will be in Utah for Ileina's birthday and Zion's birthday. I sure miss all of them.

We celebrated Rob's birthday with Joel and Rob's family at Anna Millers. I had a piece of pumpkin pie that was so yummy. Just getting a start on the holidays.

We had a sleep over with all the grandchildren for Conference weekend. Grandpa 'Isi put up a tent and some of the kids slept with their daddies outside. Conference was wonderful and we were reminded of all the things we need to do. The talks were mostly about "hope", "faith", and "love". The economy has been really bad lately so the talks were very inspirational. They say this is the worst the economy has been since the "Great Depression". All the politics going on don't help - they use it to get votes. I'll be glad when the elections are over.

I entered seven pieces of my artwork in the Windward Artist Gild's Art Show. They chose two of them to display. They are shown above. The one is called "Golden Sunset" and the other "Blossom". We had an opening on Sunday afternoon. I'm also working on a portrait for one of the guys who rent with us. He is getting married in December so I am trying to finish it before I leave.


Rob said…
Mom, just now noticing you Blog site and I wanted to tell you how much fun it was to spend the Conference weekend with you and all the Hawaii Kongaika gang. Would have been awsome to have the whole gang over. It was also nice to have everyone help us celebrate my B-day at Anna Millers. Looking forward to celebrating yours and Dad's B-day this Thursday!

Well Mom, good to hear you are doing alright with all the changes going on in your life. A little change every once in a while is a good thing....spices things up:). There is one thing that remains constant in my life and that is the fact that I will always have your love. It is comforting to know that no matter what I may have done to screw things up, you are always there to pick me up and support me and for that, I am truely grateful. Nothing is stronger than a mother's love....except for a Daddy's love I guess:). Thanks for always being there for me Mom. Happy B-day, we love you!