Have 'em when you're young!!

Congratulations Captain Kong! Robert just finished 14 weeks in military training at Nellis Air Force Base in Las Vegas. It was a tough course, but he made it and returned home last night. Rob is the one with the lei (as if you didn't know...)

We are all so proud of him. Of course, Abi and the kids were a big part of it too since they stayed in Hawaii all that time without him. I got to have the children and their cousin, Naomi, stay with us for four nights while Abi went to the graduation and brought him home. I realize that I'm not as young as I used to be when I take care of four children ten years of age and under because I felt like sleeping all day today.

I forgot to mention also that Liana, Siope, Ileina, Jacob and my dad were able to be at the graduation too as well as Alvin and Angie (Abi's brother and sister).

My Dad has been very active lately and just a couple of weeks ago he went sky diving just for the heck of it.

Check out his video here

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Rob said…
Mom, thanks for the kudos and especially for taking care of the kids and letting Abi and I stay in your Condo in Vegas:). It was definately awesome after such difficult training to spend some quality time with my beautiful wife and just decompress for a little. Hope the kids didn't make you too tired....and you though we were bad growing up:). This is the Lords cruel way of getting back at me I guess for all the stuff I made you guys go through:)