Trials and Blessings

This summer has been an interesting one to say the least. We didn't go any where since we had already been to Utah and California in the Spring. Isi's job changed and so he went from being an administrator to being a full-time religion teacher. It was quite an adjustment for him. We were told we could stay in our on-campus housing until December so we were happy about that.

With 11 grandchildren keeping us pretty much hopping all the time - they think I am their playmate when they come around rather than their grandma - but I enjoy them (I am just about dead every time they leave, lol) - anyway, we went with Joel and Meilani to see what sex their new baby will be. I took care of the three rascals while their mother had her sonogram. It was interesting to see the baby on the screen while we all watched. Joseph wasn't cooperating much so I took the kids to get a treat to calm him down. When we came back up to the doctor's office, Joel said not to come in because they had found something wrong with the baby. It seemed like forever until they came out and saw us again in the waiting room. The baby was found to have spina bifida with encephalitis and club feet. We were all kind of in shock and Meilani was in tears. It was heart breaking to see them trying to internalize the news about the new baby. Their counselor had said "if you keep the baby" this is what you can expect - two surgeries right after the birth. Anyway, Meilani expressed her feelings that she had prayed and fasted about having the new baby and felt like she was supposed to have it. Joel felt he had been prepared having done quite a bit of studying about children with disabilities. The children were just excited to have another baby girl. Of course we all had some soul searching to do but after a few days realized we were up to the challenge - whatever the Lord has in store for us.

Meilani has since had a amniocentesis where they stuck a long needle in her tummy to draw some fluid out to test for further confirmation and information. We should know in a couple of weeks. This will be our twelfth grandchild and we are excited to meet her. They came up with the name Lillian Ruth. It will be a growing experience for all of us. We pray for a miracle but will be prepared for whatever comes. We love you all.