Two Scoops Rice in Hawaiian Style BBQ Plate Lunch

Hungry for Plate Lunch

In Hawaii, lunch time usually means heading down to the local L & L Hawaiian Barbeque and getting a plate lunch.

There are a variety of meats available including pork, chicken, beef, fish or curry.

The portions are enough to satisfy a Polynesian appetite and usually comes with two scoops of rice and macaroni salad.

If you are very health conscious, you can trade one scoop of rice for a vegetable salad or coleslaw. The meat is served on a nest of grated cabbage and comes with soya sauce, tartar sauce or a lemon depending on the meat.

Actually L & L is one of my favorite places to eat in Hawaii, and chicken katsu would be may favorite choice on the menu.

L & L Hawaiian Barbecue became so popular that islands lovers in other states and other areas of world. It is now found in Alaska, Colorado, Arizona, California, Nevada, New York, Oregon, Texas, Utah, Washington, American Samoa and New Zealand.

One plate lunch available at L & L the Hawaiian Plate. It is a Hawaiian tradition. It includes hefty pork chuck wrapped in taro leaf and is a favorite of the locals. It is served with smoked pork.
If you have a hard time deciding which meat you want to eat, never fear, the Hawaiian BBQ Mix is here. It includes barbequed chicken, short ribs and beef.
Like seafood, try the Seafood mix. It includes fried shrimp & Mahi Mahi (delicious white-meat fish). It is onolicious (delicious)!

For those that are anemic, or for those who need some energy, there is the Loco Moco (otherwise known as the heart attack). It consists of hamburger patties placed over rice afterwards covered with brown gravy and then topped with two eggs.

Two Scoops Rice

Recently, a Mega million jackpot winning lottery ticket was sold at an L & L Hawaiian Barbecue.
As you can see, rice is an important staple in Hawaii. The founder of L & L is Eddie Flores, Jr. The plate lunches share the aloha of the islands with Asians, Polynesians and all the diverse cultures of the islands.

The founders of L&L Drive-Inn were Eddie Flores, Jr., and Johnson Kam. They established the first diner in 1976 on Liliha Stree in Honolulu, Hawaii. Even though it was tough at first, they remained optimistic and worked hard.

The entrepreneurs made the decision to expand in 1988. They had earned a reputation for serving fresh generous food at low prices and became very successful in Hawaii.

They expanded to the mainland, first in California in 1999. They repackaged the franchise as L&L Hawaiian Barbecue.  There are currently 200 plus L&L Hawaiian Barbeques.

In Hawaii, plate lunch is a tradition. It is a mixture of Asian and American cuisine which helped it to become widely sought after.

Each L&L restaurant has a decentralized system of ownership. They have brightly colored restaurants with Hawaii scenic views displayed.

The chain has earned many awards and impressive rankings in national magazines.