LDSface2face with Lindsey Stirling Nov. 25 | LDS Media Talk

LDSface2face with Lindsey Stirling Nov. 25 | LDS Media Talk

Lindsey Stirling is a returned missionary and a world-famous
violinist and dancer. She will share her own story—including how she
learned to recognize her worth, how she shares the gospel, and how she
has risen above criticism to make a unique contribution to the world.

Lindsey will talk about overcoming trials, embracing who you are, and
not being ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Lindsey said, “I was
told by so many people that I wouldn’t succeed because I was too
different. Ironically, the very reason that people watch my channel and
travel thousands of miles to see a show … is because it’s different. God
didn’t send us to earth to just blend in. We are here to share what
makes us unique.” Many of Lindsey’s YouTube videos get tens of millions
of views, and a few over 100 million.

Lindsey will also perform live songs at the event–some familiar
pieces and an original composition. One number will be a duet featuring a
special guest.


Youth around the world will have a chance to ask Lindsey questions,
moderated by Young Men general president David L. Beck and Young Women
general president Bonnie L. Oscarson.