Skepticism Converted by New Cerafill Products by Redken

I have very fine, baby hair. It frizzes and damages easily. I had begun having noticeable hair loss (alopecia), particularly on the top of my head around the forehead. So, I started forward brushing my hair to fill in the places where my scalp was obvious. Lame!

Hair loss can be blamed on aging, braiding too tight, using hot water or simply stress. Genetics, hormone changes, thyroid problems, anemia, certain medications and too much coloring can contribute to unusual hair loss.

Skeptical of new products, one day I received a box of Cerafill solutions to try for two weeks. I’ve tried various other ingredients including apple cider vinegar, aloe vera juice, coconut milk, avocado, antioxidant green tea and eating healthy food like walnuts, salmon, oysters, eggs, lentils and more.

I have also tried some of the well known cures like taking biotin, vitamin E and D, hot oil massages and brand name products that tout quick relief. My hair stayed pretty much the same throughout all these treatments.

So when I received Cerafill powered by Redken Science, claiming to be a hair thinning solution, I thought to myself “what can it hurt to try it”?  It claims to give instant thickening with hair growth over time. So I started my regimen replacing my regulars with Cerafil from Redken. However, my response has been exciting and encouraging!

I particularly enjoy using the shampoo and conditioner, which gives my scalp a tingling feeling. I noticed the thickening right away. I read that it contains ceramide to strengthen the hair fiber and prevent breakage. Also, it promotes a healthy scalp environment with filloxane, minoxidil and Zinc PCA. I felt that my individual hairs had gained in circumference. Could this be the real thing?

I have colored my hair since high school, and do so more often lately to cover the gray. I was happy to know that Cerafill products are safe for chemically treated hair. Within a week, I felt that my hair was changing for the better, and I felt a glimmer of hope.

The Minoxidil Topical treatment has been clinically proven to regrow hair, although it may take a few more weeks to notice. After washing and conditioning, you apply to damp hair section by section beginning in the front. Massage at the root gently and then work it through to the end. You leave this in and do not rinse it out. You can let it dry and apply again for maximum results.

Finally, a lightweight texturizer can be applied throughout the day to keep hair looking fresh by absorbing oils.

I am happy to refer these products to those who have tried numerous treatments for thinning hair. It just may be the solution you have been waiting for.

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