The Best Father in the World

You may not agree, but I have the best father in the world.
He is a hard working man and quite fit for his 87 years. My Dad is a self-made man. He came from a family who raised sheep and chickens and became educated enough to build a four-story home for his family. I mean literally, brick by brick, electricity, plumbing and all. He bought books and learned how to build a home. He can fix almost anything. All his neighbors, who are highly educated, call him whenever they need a handyman.

My father has worked at many different jobs, sometimes two at a time, to keep food on the table and keep his wife happy (which was not easy). He did get some college in and became an accountant for a little company. He raised four children, my brother, me and my two sisters. My brother is a medical doctor, one sister a nurse, another works withspecial needs children, and I, well, I write amongst other endeavors.

The Best Father in the World


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