Why Do People Travel?

by Guest Travel Writer Lysha Rohan

One thing that many travelers have in common is the strong desire to experience new cultures and see new locations. However, note that while there are travelers who are after pure fun and adventure, there are also those who do it to experience the culture of a place. Others are after seeing historical and scenic sites.

No matter what your reasons are, traveling is surely a great way to take a break from your daily life. It lets you unplug from technology and engage in new activities. When you travel, you will realize that surrounding yourself with new people who do not know anything about your past is actually empowering and liberating.
To motivate you further to take that flight to your dream destination, here are some of the other reasons why many people love to travel:

1.  To build character – Traveling builds character as it helps you become wiser and more open to accepting new opportunities. It allows you to have authentic experiences of various cultures, thereby opening up your mind to all possibilities. The more things you see when you visit certain places, the more you can see exactly the way the world works. Traveling gives you the chance to witness certain cultures and historical sites personally, which actually offers a more exhilarating experience.

2.  To expand the horizon – There are times when you have prejudices against other countries and its people just because you don’t fully understand them. With traveling, you can wipe away all your negative thoughts about them. Exploring a new country lets you experience the culture of its people, which is a good way to understand their behaviors. You’ll have the first-hand experience, making your mind more open to them.

3. To challenge them – If you’re yearning for a new, exciting, and different experience, then going for a trip is the best way to do it. By traveling, you can test yourself. It lets you push yourself beyond your limits and get out of your comfort zone. Exposing yourself to new experiences, people, and places make you realize how resourceful you really are.

It could be because you were able to move around a busy city even if you’re unfamiliar with the place or order meals even if you don’t speak a country’s language. Each time you complete your trip, expect to feel genuine pride and happiness as it lets you overcome certain challenges and realize your full potential. With that, you can also build your confidence.

4.   To escape – Do you want a quick escape from all the things that are happening in your life right now? Traveling can give you just that. Through traveling, you can escape from your demanding job. You can also escape from the pains linked to losing a loved one or a bad breakup. It lets you relieve stress and unhappiness.

It is also a good escape route for workaholics who tend to have a hard time leaving their job. Just stepping out of the workplace can help improve their physical and mental well-being. Once you go back home, you can start looking at things and your issues with a fresh perspective.

5.  To learn – Traveling makes it possible for you to gain as much knowledge as you can about the world – its people, cultures, places, food, etc. It is indeed a great learning experience. You will get to know about others and yourself, too. In addition, it’s as if you are taking a crash course composed of completely new ways of doing certain things.

You can learn many different things from traveling – new languages, interesting, local foods, cultures, customs, adventures, etc. Seeing the world first-hand is a great way to educate yourself. In addition, you’ll feel more satisfied as the trip can harness your confidence and your ability to become independent.
There are numerous reasons why people travel. Regardless of your reason, one thing is for sure; it can pause your monotonous life while bringing calmness to it. No matter which place you decide to visit, it will be a memorable experience because you learn new things in the process.

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