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Why Do People Travel?

by Guest Travel Writer Lysha Rohan
One thing that many travelers have in common is the strong desire to experience new cultures and see new locations. However, note that while there are travelers who are after pure fun and adventure, there are also those who do it to experience the culture of a place. Others are after seeing historical and scenic sites.
No matter what your reasons are, traveling is surely a great way to take a break from your daily life. It lets you unplug from technology and engage in new activities. When you travel, you will realize that surrounding yourself with new people who do not know anything about your past is actually empowering and liberating. To motivate you further to take that flight to your dream destination, here are some of the other reasons why many people love to travel:
1.To build character – Traveling builds character as it helps you become wiser and more open to accepting new opportunities. It allows you to have authentic experiences of various cu…