Family Reunion at Willard Bay

Camping Out

I had never really heard of Willard Bay, so I did not have any expectations when told it was the locale for our Kongaika Family Reunion. Not being a fan of camping out, my husband had arranged for us to stay in a Motel 6 nearby. Actually, sleeping in a tent might have been better.

The next generation (our children) had planned the reunion this year. Things were a bit late, but overall it was a success. We enjoyed spending time together with our cousins and learning more about our family history. The mountains nearby were breathtaking and although it was a bit hot, and the mosquitoes joined in, we made the best of it.

The campsite was pretty compact and included picnic tables, BBQ pits, restrooms and some water hookups. Each family took their turn preparing meals. We tried to eat the kind of meals that our ancestors had eaten in Tonga. The youngest generation aren’t that used to it, but we had plenty of snacks to fill in the gaps.

We were supposed to have a Family Home Evening, but because of the lateness and darkness, we decided to have a Family Home Morning the next day. We played a game of trying to see who could memorize the name of some of our chosen ancestors and what they were known for. The teenagers were really into it and did very well.

Afterward, we headed for the reservoir which is located twelve miles northwest of Ogden, Utah. It is part of the flood plains of the Great Salt Lake. There is a man made dike with a natural shoreline. Actually the dike is named after a former U.S. Senator from Utah, Arthur V. Watkins. The reservoir is fed by the Weber and Ogden rivers. 

Near the water was a pavilion, perfect for making our dinner and hanging out. The children ran down to the water and mud (not quite sand). They were not shy, and the mothers were busy counting heads. There are two marinas near the campgrounds. Our daring children had rented a boat, water crafts and some blow up floatees

As one of the grandmothers, I tried to let the parents look after their kids, but got a bit worried when a few of the young ones thought they could float over to a small island in the middle of the reservoir (one floatee and five children)! They actually made it, without my watching.

The food was great and the weather very cooperative until right after the boat left with a mother and a bunch of kids. A big wind kicked up and became so strong all of a sudden. There was thunder and lightening and as I went to take a bite of my food, my paper plate and dinner flew out of my hand together with several other family members.

I became very worried about the boat with some of my grandchildren in it. Quite some time later, they made it back with quite a story to tell. 

Thank you to all who planned and prepared for this reunion. I am getting to be one of the older ones, so I pretty much sit and watch and wait to be fed (sorry). If you are looking for a fine place for a family reunion, look up the Willard Bay State Park in Utah.