Bridal Veil Falls

My husband and I chose to take a scenic route to Salt Lake City from Orem, rather than the regular crazy freeway. I recommend the canyon drive to anyone who wants to experience the beautiful less traveled road. This year there has been quite a bit of rain, so everything is green. In fact, it reminded me of the majestic Ko’olau mountains we lived nearby in Hawaii for 21 years.

The Falls

As we drove up Provo Canyon I noticed the Provo River was quite high and rapid as it weaved through the rocky mountains. The first stop we made was Bridal Veil Falls. We have enjoyed this creation of God since we moved to Orem sixty years ago. It is one of America’s top 100 water falls. It has a 607-foot drop with a double cascade. It looks like a wide lacy veil (hence the name) near the middle. There are hikes and picnic spots nearby.