Staying Young and Getting Older


Four Generation Picture of us - Copyright REK

There comes a moment in time when you realize that you are going to die. For some it comes early, for others later. You can commit to exercising, eating organic healthy food, and thinking positively, but they do not stop you from the inevitable.

My father once told me, "I don't jog because the extra time I live will be spent jogging". We can all reveal our wish for the way in which we will die, but there is no guarantee as accidents, illness, or disease can change all that.


If you are lucky, you live long enough to retire. Our latest high school reunion revealed so many of our classmates that have not been that fortunate. After several health issues, including shingles, liver fibrosis, fatigue, and hormone issues, I applied for early retirement and disability. The process itself is very stressful and took over a year. Friends say I look too young to retire, but my body tells me otherwise. A few of my friends and I got together for lunch and we reminisced over our fun times together. One group actually took a weekend to spend together out of town, but I unfortunately couldn't make it.


You finally realize that you cannot play with your grandchildren as much as you would like. Clothes start to fit better in some places than others. Unless you are blessed with terrific genes, you look for styles of clothes which cover up more than less. Rather than fighting age, you reconcile the inevitable and try to just be graceful. This becomes more difficult as little surprises including vertigo and unsteadiness creep in.

I went to an ENT specialist because of a constant ringing ear and a few bouts of vertigo. The doctor did some maneuvers that gradually helped the room stop spinning. He told me that some little crystals must have got in the wrong chambers of the ear and he had to help them get back to where they belonged (sounded like voodoo).

He also told me that I should sleep with several pillows to elevate my head so it wouldn't happen again. I showed him some ear drops I had purchased online to alleviate the ringing in my ear, and he told me they don't work. Also, someone suggested using Helichrysum essential oil, applying it on the outside of the ear, not inside. I had used both so-called remedies for some time, with no relief.
Because the ringing was only on one side, The ENT suggested a MRI - cat scan of my brain to be sure there was nothing serious causing it. I went into the machine, which is very noisy, I felt somewhat claustrophobic and it took longer than I thought. The MRI was normal. My ear still rings constantly. Some things in life you just have to accept and carry on.

Regrets I Have None

My Dad was recently asked to sing this song "Old Bones" at a talent show. He is 89 years young and although he seems to keep getting shorter, always keeps his sense of humor. His mind is still sharp, and he drives a red Mustang. He is amazing and never lets little things get to him. He still leads the music in church and rides his bike. He misses Mom terribly and can cry just from a reminder of her.
 I have had an adventurous life. I've followed my husband to the beautiful South Pacific and learned about new cultures and traditions. We were able to travel to Scotland (land of my forefathers) and Egypt, and look forward to our next trip. I love my twelve grandchildren, and believe that Grandmas should be a bit chubby to be hugable.

I remember giving one of my grandmothers Oil of Olay for her birthday. She gratefully accepted it. Although there are those who tout miracle products that can reverse aging, I have yet to find it, but I will keep looking.