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Natural Health Remedies from the Islands of Tonga

Traditional knowledge passed down from generation to generation is crucial to the survival of the
people of Tonga. Many have embraced a Western diet, and experienced poor health as a result.

Medicine made the "old way" use trees, gifts of the sea, leaves from certain bushes and roots. Many families in Tonga treat their children with these plants. Most villages also have a person who is known for their success in healing through their natural medicines.

Limu (seaweed) is one of the traditional medicines used in Tonga. Fucoidan is found in the cell walls of limu. Biochemists are finding that it is nutritional, fights disease and builds immunity against sickness. It contains vitamins and minerals and amino acids that support healthy bodies. Much of the food we eat today lacks all the things our bodies need because the soil is depleted of nutrients and artificial fertilizers are being used.

Spinach does not even come close to the iron content found in limu. It is considered a s…

Classic Skating in Orem, Utah


Music's Deeper Meaning

Full Circle I feel like I have come full circle. For the first 21 years of my life I lived in Utah. Since we were married we have lived in two different countries as well as Arizona and Hawaii. It has been quite an adventure. Now we are back in Utah, and I appreciate all those who have welcomed us back.

We were given two topics to choose from. I chose to give my talk on music. Not because I am an expert in it, but I have been surrounded with it all my life. As I grew up, my father played a reel to reel tape player with beautiful songs sung by Andy Williams, Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Neil Diamond and others that had soothing voices and meaningful lyrics. My father also served as chorister for many years. Some of you knew my mother could sing and my two sisters have beautiful soprano voices. My brother hosts a sing-a-long every Christmas at his home.
Surrounded by Music My husband learned to play the guitar at the Polynesian Cultural Center so he could have a job sin…

Staying Young and Getting Older

There comes a moment in time when you realize that you are going to die. For some it comes early, for others later. You can commit to exercising, eating organic healthy food, and thinking positively, but they do not stop you from the inevitable.

My father once told me, "I don't jog because the extra time I live will be spent jogging". We can all reveal our wish for the way in which we will die, but there is no guarantee as accidents, illness, or disease can change all that.

If you are lucky, you live long enough to retire. Our latest high school reunion revealed so many of our classmates that have not been that fortunate. After several health issues, including shingles, liver fibrosis, fatigue, and hormone issues, I applied for early retirement and disability. The process itself is very stressful and took over a year. Friends say I look too young to retire, but my body tells me otherwise. A few of my friends and I got together for lu…