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Germany and a Bavarian Castle

After a short trip through Austria recently, we arrived in the dark at the quaint town of Garmisch, Germany. The attached town of Partenkirchen boasts of fascinating art and murals. Both towns rest quietly at the foot of the Bavarian Alps in the Werdenfelser Valley. Historic buildings, architecture, monuments and so much more line the cobblestone streets.

We stayed at The Edelweiss Lodge, which is specifically for veterans of foreign wars. Since we arrived on Halloween night, several decorated pumpkins greeted us. It was a very warm and welcoming resort.

The lodge is named after the Edelweiss flower. The legend goes that a young Bavarian couple were hiking through mountains where Alpine peaks pierced the blue skies. They walked through blooming wildflowers of many colors. On an exposed cliff, the young man spotted a white flower with felt-like petals. Showing his bravery, yet ignoring his own safety, he plucked the flower. It was his ultimate love charm from the Alps to …

Hawaiian Party Costumes and Makeup Ideas

You may be having a party and have chosen a Hawaiian theme. Or, you might have decided to go
trick or treating as a Polynesian maiden.

Don't worry men, we did not forget you! You can go as a Haka Warrior Hunk! Children also love to dress up in hula skirts and leis. And, don't forget your dog!

Whatever the reason is, here are some costume and makeup ideas you might want to consider. For sure it will put you in a festive mood. You will feel like you are already in Paradise.

For the Ladies
Grass skirt (you can make your own - see below)Hawaiian print midriff top, bikini top or coconut braClear sandals, flip flops or bare feetFlower to pin behind your earLei or leis - can be worn as anklets, crowns or braceletsYou can also take a headband and sew artificial flowers to it To look like the glamorous vintage Hawaiian pin-up girls
Wear a figure hugging halter top with a cinched waistline in a floral print or a bikini topSarong or pareo as a skirtWith this you will want to wear…

A History of Mary Ann Knopp Anderson

A Journey Into the Past With My Great Grandmother  

Mary Ann Knopp was the second child and the oldest daughter of Jens Englehardt Johansen Knopp and Anna Jacobsen, born 17 September, 1870 in Moroni, Utah.  There were three sons: James Englehardt, born at Salt Lake City, Utah on the 9th of November, 1867, John Henry, born 11th of March 1877, and Jens Jacobsen, born 11th of March, 1855.  All of the children except the oldest son, James Englehardt, were born in Moroni, Utah.  

Mary Ann's sisters were Dorthea Catherine, born 22 November, 1873; Charlotte Sophie, born 17 January 1875; Johanna Jacobeny, born 2 November 1879; and Serena Valdine, born 6 April, 1882.     Alma John Knapp, Mother's half brother, after much research and correspondence with cousins living in Denmark and in Germany has this to say about mother's father, "I don't know anything about the education of my parents, in fact, I know very little of their lives in Denmark.  My father, Jens Englehardt …

Navigation By The Stars in Hawaii

The stars played an important role in ancient ocean navigation. Stargazing is almost becoming a lost
art in the Pacific.Fortunately the non-profit organization, the Hawaiian Astronomical Society, The Polynesian Voyaging Society, as well as other individuals are inspiring many locals to study the stars again.

When I lived in Tonga, we traveled on little boats between the islands. Often there were no life jackets or emergency equipment of any kind. I feel fortunate to have lived through those experiences.
I was often amazed how the navigators of the little boats had a sense of where they were from the feel of the waves or swells on their hands, the wind, as well as from the stars at night.

I have been on some big ships that have many sophisticated instruments to keep them on course. This is a far cry from the non-instrument navigators I experienced in the little islands. These navigators have become finely attuned to nature. Even the color of ocean and the shapes of clouds…