How L’Oreal Paris Converted Me to Home Hair Color

About six weeks ago, I decided to try “Brand X” hair color. I had used it often when I was a young lady, without too much trouble. I was desperate to hide the wiry gray hairs that had somehow made a home on my head. I reasoned that if I went lighter, the gray would blend in and be less noticeable.

As soon as I washed my hair out, I knew it had been a mistake to do it myself. My granddaughter was the only one that told me the truth. “Grandma, your hair is yellow!” We are talking tennis ball yellow, ripe lemon yellow, rubber ducky yellow! Not quite what I had in mind! So, I made an appointment to correct the tone at a salon. It was nerve racking and costly.

To tone my hair to the blond I had wished for, the nice lady mixed in purple. As an artist, I knew that purple is the complementary color of yellow, so after a long while waiting for the toner to do it’s magic, I had learned my lesson. I was quite pleased with the result of my salon neutralized hair. I will never use “Brand X” again! It is definitely not for women over 60!

Then I got an email asking if I would like to participate in a home hair coloring campaign. At first I was dead set against it, but after reading about L’Oreal’s new “Age Perfect” Excellence formula specially developed for mature, gray hair, I decided to go for it. Boy, and I glad I did!

By this time, my roots had grown out to about an inch. I realized that the recent coloring trend is ombre or mixed tones. I knew it would be hard to keep up that look myself and it would be quite expensive. If L’Oreal hair color truly worked the way it said on the box, with layered-tone technology, I would end up with a flattering color, and that would be a miracle for me.

I woke up on a Saturday morning, read all the directions a couple of times on the L’Oreal box, mixed the formula for 9N, light natural blonde, and began applying it to my roots. I carefully sectioned it off, making sure I covered all of my roots. There was a special brush enclosed in the package, with one side designed for coloring the roots, and the other side for the lengths.

I waited the prescribed number of minutes before blending the rest of the formula to the ends of my hair. I noticed that the smell was not as unpleasant as other brands I had used. Then I washed it off. I was a bit nervous to look in the mirror, thinking perhaps I would have to call the salon again to fix my hair. Would it be yellow? Would the roots blend in? So many questions race through my mind.

Before - Yucky Yellow!
The miracle had occurred! My roots were harmoniously blended in, and I had a no more gray hairs. I was converted. After my hair was totally dry, I modeled it for my husband. He was quite excited that the new L’Oreal Age Perfect formula had worked the way I wanted it to. My hair was soft and had low lights and highlights. I had more volume and it was shiny!  I was more than pleased to know I could color my hair again without getting any surprise neon colors. Yeah!
After L'Oreal Paris Excellence

You can read more about this wonderful new Excellence Age Perfect formula at:

The 1st hair color for maturing hair comes in eight flattering shades. L’Oreal has provided a color shade consultation tool at:

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