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Traditional and Modern Tongan Attire

In the early 70s we moved from a democratic society to one which was ruled by a reigning monarchy. It was very interesting to observe the cultures and traditions of Tonga. Although in the last few decades some things have changed, the way the people of Tonga dress at many events and ceremonies has not.

How L’Oreal Paris Converted Me to Home Hair Color

About six weeks ago, I decided to try “Brand X” hair color. I had used it often when I was a young lady, without too much trouble. I was desperate to hide the wiry gray hairs that had somehow made a home on my head. I reasoned that if I went lighter, the gray would blend in and be less noticeable.

As soon as I washed my hair out, I knew it had been a mistake to do it myself. My granddaughter was the only one that told me the truth. “Grandma, your hair is yellow!” We are talking tennis ball yellow, ripe lemon yellow, rubber ducky yellow! Not quite what I had in mind! So, I made an appointment to correct the tone at a salon. It was nerve racking and costly.

To tone my hair to the blond I had wished for, the nice lady mixed in purple. As an artist, I knew that purple is the complementary color of yellow, so after a long while waiting for the toner to do it’s magic, I had learned my lesson. I was quite pleased with the result of my salon neutralized hair. I will never use “Brand X” aga…

Greek Longevity Secrets from an island in Greece called Ikaria

A remote Greek Island reveals the secrets to living longer. It is
amazing that one-third of the population of a mountainous,
99-square-mile island in Greece called Ikaria, are 90 years of age and

In contrast, current U.S. Census stats indicate that only one in nine baby boomers will reach 90.

Investigations into the remarkable longevity of these Greek islanders
have proven very interesting. Not only do they live longer, but they
have 20 percent less cases of cancer than Americans and about half the
rate of heart disease as well as one-ninth the rate of diabetes. They
have virtually no Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.

Greek Longevity Secrets from an island in Greece called Ikaria

Travel to Rotorua, New Zealand

A trip to the land of the long white cloud would not be complete without visiting the enchanting place called Rotorua. Adventurous people will enjoy the geothermal forces, biking trails, walking tracks and Maori art and culture available all in one place. There are 16 lakes, tall redwood trees and miles of endless activities for families and individuals alike.

For those that come with families, they can bottle feed lambs, watch sheep sheering demonstrations or witness the kiwi bird in its natural habitat. Kids can get all muddy in the geothermal pools, or have a water rafting or jet boating adventure.

Lanai Hawaii The Gathering Place

We just returned from a trip to the sixth largest island in Hawaii. Lanai is not your typical tropical island with coconut and rain trees, fragrant flowers on every corner, and rows of pineapple (although it once was the largest pineapple plantation in Hawaii). Instead, it is rugged, mysterious and isolated. The biggest challenge to the island is the lack of running water.

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Fun in Daybreak