Hike Laie Falls Trail on Oahu Hawaii

Here in Laie, we are blessed with mountains on one side of us and the huge ocean on the other. There is one trail that we enjoy hiking, because there is the reward of a beautiful waterfall at the end. In fact, the hike is called the Laie Falls Trail. People actually come from all over the island to hike this trail. On the way up you can enjoy the panoramic views when you look back over your shoulder. Once you get to the falls, there is a refreshing pool that is perfect to cool off in.

At the beginning of the trail there is a sign which shows you the path and how long it should take to get to the Pine Forest, the Laie Falls, and the summit. It also gives some warnings so that you will be safe.
A few people have tried to go alone and gotten lost, so it is best to heed these warnings.
Other advice that is not on the sign includes wearing sunscreen and bringing a swimsuit for when you reach the falls and pool. The waterfall is flowing year round, but it is flowing more in the winter, and the hike up will be cooler too. It is also wise to tell someone where you are going and the approximate time you should return.
This is an intermediate trail which starts on the windward side of Laie near the Mormon Temple. Head north and take the fourth left after passing the Temple on Naniloa Loop. Enter a traffic circle and take the second right onto Puohaili Street. Park on the grass next to Laie playing field.