Travel Toy Ideas


You need to prepare before traveling with a young child.

Traveling with kids in tow can be a very challenging experience if you are not prepared. There are several ways you can keep your child happy and entertained during a long drive in the car or on a plane. Certain toys and activities can alleviate many of the frustrations you might experience while traveling with small children.

Electronic Toys

Children can be entertained for hours with electronic devices.

Many electronic devices, such as an iPod or iPpod touch, an iPad, an mp3 player, a portable DVD player and others, can entertain even the youngest child. They feature movies, music and interactive activities created with children in mind. The only drawback is that you may want to use the same device while traveling, and these items can be expensive. Less expensive electronic toys made for young children are an option. However, because they often feature lights and sounds, they must be silenced on an airplane.

No-Mess Activities

Children love to color and doodle.

Being cramped in a small space for several hours with a child is easier with toys and activities that do not create a mess. Etch A Sketch and Magna Doodle are two classics that have withstood the test of time. They provide hours of creative activity for young children who have good dexterity, and recent changes and improvements have made the originals suitable to a wider age range. Simple coloring books and crayons, which are light enough to be carried in a child's backpack, are sufficient for some children.

Sticker Books

Children can be entertained for hours with reusable sticker books.

Children love stickers, and they are available in a variety of shapes and sizes designed to entertain and educate. Children enjoy stickers even more if they can remove them and reuse them. Sticker play sets come with different scenes in a variety of themes. These toys fold up like a book and have a handle for easy carrying.

Happy Children

Finger puppets are a great way to entertain children while traveling.

Delicious Baby recommends toys suitable for traveling with children, from infants to school age. They suggest that the best travel toys are quiet, not easily lost, lightweight and compact. The site also explains that toys need not be expensive, and suggests that children can be entertained with everyday items such as blue painter's tape, play silks for peek a boo, finger puppets and pipe cleaners.

All About Comfort

Children feel helpful with their own lightweight suitcase in tow.

Ciao Bambino suggests bringing along a cute head pillow that your child can also play with. Children need comfort in unfamiliar places, and special blankets, pillows and stuffed animals can help. Also, children enjoy feeling helpful; when they are old enough, provide them with a lightweight wheeled suitcase that they can pull themselves.


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