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Annexation of The Hawaiian Islands

Truth or Fiction? To those of us who are fairly new to Hawaii, we have to more or less learn for ourselves about the so-called injustices that were done to the “Native Hawaiian” people. We get a sense that something happened when we hear of recent assaults by locals on militarypersonnel or tourists. But the stories are veiled since they are not particularly a draw for the tourists that keep the state economy from folding. Upon further investigation, I found many biased pieces of revisionist history providing selected historical facts, together with dubious interpretations, half-truths, and falsehoods, carefully choreographed and narrated to support different theories. My suspicion is that whatever has been written regarding the annexation of Hawaii is false or badly twisted. Also I have found that some persons who have degrees and so-called expertise apparently get away with intentional historical malpractice.

Best Places to Visit in Mexico

With over 5,000 miles of beaches, warm weather and a rich history, it is no wonder that Mexico is one of the most popular tourist destinations. Personally, I have not been there yet, but many in my family have. I researched this hub to find out where I would like to visit in Mexico. I found that there are actually three different spots in Mexico that most people travel to. I will discuss them below. Besides the historical sites, there are over 150 museums. I love museums! Mexico is the birthplace of artists Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo. As an art student, I studied both of these artists and I found their work very interesting. I wouldn't mind traveling to Mexico just to see some of this artwork in person. You might think you have tasted authentic Mexican food, but your taste buds will thank you for showing them the difference, or so I've heard. Tamales, burritos, tacos, and so much more. I do love Taco Bell, but would love to taste real Mexican food. Architecture in Mexico is…

Traditional Chinese Medicine, A Holistic View

Traditional Chinese Medicine takes a holistic approach. Whereas in the West diseases are specific to a certain part of the body, Chinese believe that all the systems of the body are interconnected. If there is a problem with one part of the body, it can affect other areas in the anatomy. Also, changes in the environment can have an affect on the body rhythms and cause illness. My first experience with Chinese Medicine was when I first moved to Hawaii 18 years ago. I went to a Chinese friend's home for dinner. I had just moved here from a third world country and had experienced a few health problems. He brought out an instrument that he told me would give him a diagnosis of anything wrong in my body. He is a school teacher, so I was a bit skeptical about it, but thought it might be fun anyway. He explained that the human ear is just like a reverse fetus. According to the theory of Chinese Traditional medicine, each human organ has a corresponding point on the ear. If a certain orga…

Travel Toy Ideas


You need to prepare before traveling with a young child.

Traveling with kids in tow can be a very challenging experience if you are not prepared. There are several ways you can keep your child happy and entertained during a long drive in the car or on a plane. Certain toys and activities can alleviate many of the frustrations you might experience while traveling with small children.

Electronic Toys

Children can be entertained for hours with electronic devices.

Many electronic devices, such as an iPod or iPpod touch, an iPad, an mp3 player, a portable DVD player and others, can entertain even the youngest child. They feature movies, music and interactive activities created with children in mind. The only drawback is that you may want to use the same device while traveling, and these items can be expensive. Less expensive electronic toys made for young children are an option. However, because they often feature lights and sounds, they must be silenced on an airplane.

No-Mess …

Shed Clutter and Simplify Your Life

It is amazing how fast your home gets cluttered with unessential items, cast offs , and has beens. Here are some tips for keeping your home clutter free. The process is called “shedding” and it involves four steps for methodically letting go of objects and activities that bog us down so we can move forward with ease. It is an empowering feeling when you can de-clutter periodically.

Epilepsy in the 21st Century

Many myths and beliefs abound concerning epilepsy, and for anyone that has witnessed a full-fledge grand mal epileptic seizure, as I have, this is understandable. “Epilepsy is the most common serious neurological disorder and is one of the world’s most prevalent noncommunicable diseases”, yet few conditions carry the same stigma as this disorder. Victims either try to conceal it or struggle with embarrassment and rejection throughout their lives. Furthermore, 70 percent of people with epilepsy receive no treatment. Developing countries are home to the significant majority of people with epilepsy and, paradoxically, are the ones least prepared to provide care". Awareness of the conflicts between medical and spiritual realities of epileptics in developing countries will contribute to better health care and alleviate suffering. Revealing some of the misconceptions about epilepsy, the associated stigma that goes along with it, current remedies in third world countries, and presentin…

Trances and Guided Imagery

Changing Climates in Retirement

Bees buzzed around basil blossoms and passion fruit tendrils. Our little raised bed garden boasted chives, cherry tomatoes, lettuce and green peppers amidst rosemary and thyme. Then we retired and moved to the desert in the valley of the Rocky Mountains. I grieved for all our little plants we had left behind.It was late October and autumn leaves were scattered all around the sidewalks as trees shed their glory. A week later, the earth and all the plants were white with fluffy snow. We had been living in Polynesia for most of our married life. My husband raised bananas and root crops popular with the islanders in a plot nearby. How would we be able to adjust to a climate with four seasons? We had been spoiled with year round moderate weather, and had concerned ourselves with bolting plants on the hottest days or fighting off occasional insects and blight. I had cherished every afternoon weeding and nourishing our small backyard garden and then harvested lettuce, green onions, kale, cu…

I Am Not Spina Bifida, I Am Lily

I am Loved

My grandma said she loved me before I was born. That is truly conceivable, since she was there together with my parents and siblings for my first sonogram. My family was giddy with excitement to discover if they would be adding a new sister or brother to their tribe. The sonogram Monitors were well placed so all could see me wiggle around inside my mother’s womb. The technician shared in the exuberance of the little crowd, and started the magic machine which could reveal images of me. Oohs and aahs were uttered as my tiny hand, foot or other little body part was recognized. Mommy, Daddy, my sisters, brother and Grandma saw images of my cute face, and discovered that I would most probably be a little girl. At first there was so much joy and anticipation, until a sudden hush fell over the room.

What about me?

The tech had noted classic characteristics of Spina Bifida, a birth defect in my spine and brain. All of a sudden, a doctor entered and suggested that grandma take…