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Stretching For Fitness

Stretching For Fitness

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We all moisturize, wax, color, peel and buff in order to maintain ourselves, to keep the outside of our bodies toned and smooth. Resistance stretching can do the same for our muscles. So, if you want that feeling of being sleek, young and free, try resistance stretching.

Ever Evolving Beauty

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Photographing Children

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Questions and Answers

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Chicken Houses

There is a cool site for those who have chickens. Makes me wish I was a chicken. There are chicken houses on wheels so they can be moved where you want them, and chicken houses in several attractive colors and styles. Be the talk of the neighborhood. Check it out.

Do We Want Social Medicine Just Like in Third World Countries?

Body Odor 101

Body Odor 101

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The Controversy Over Female Hormone Replacement Does Estrogen Cause Breast Cancer?

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Scotland Trip

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Our Best Vacation was to Scotland

Shopping as Therapy

Driftwood as Home and Garden Decorations


What You Need to Know About Your Metabolism

I enjoyed another article I read at It was entitled "What You Need to Know About Your Metabolism" by Alicia Kirchenheiter. As I get older, I realize I cannot eat as much as I used to. I find that eating smaller amounts of food more often keeps me satisfied and keeps me from gaining weight. As long as I am doing my gardening and riding my bicycle to work each day, I don't have to do aerobic exercises. I enjoy doing yoga and lifting weights and can watch movies or do other things at the same time. I also get up and walk around often while I am at work. I have my printer in another room from my computer. The suggestion to drink plenty of water is also a good one, especially in hot weather.

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