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I enjoy blogging and reading other well-thought-out blogs. One in particular caught my attention at

One entry hit home with me because my husband and I always have discussions about this. It was called Redefining “Enough”, referring to how much food we should eat – i.e. portion control. My husband always feels like he must have a man-sized portion to keep him going although the scales tip to obese whenever he steps on them. At times, I too, have felt after spending $25 for an all-you-can-eat buffet, that I needed to get as much on my little plate as I possibly could and return several times. But afterwards I find myself pretty miserable, and promise myself I won’t do that again – until the next time I do.

I think the article about redefining “enough” was excellent, referring to a mindful of food. We need to use our minds when we eat and set a goal to have “one mindful per serving, one savoring per meal”. We can get as much or more satisfaction out of the choices of food we put on our plate by savoring each bite and being mindful (or present) as we eat, rather than being passive and wondering where all the food went as we miserably wobble home.

Check out the other interesting articles on the blog. You might find one that speaks to you!!