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I have been taking pictures around the island with different settings on my digital camera. Here are some of them.

This one above was taken in Waiahole - we stopped the car and walked down the hill just to the side of the road and there is a river in a grove of trees. It is so beautiful. I like the reflection of the trees in the water.

This one on the right is from Kahana Valley looking back at Crouching Lion. It was a beautiful scene. The landscape of our island is so interesting and ever changing by the weather and tides.

This surreal picture was taken at the Blaisdell Conventional Hall in Honolulu - it is a reflection of a palm tree in the water which has large koi fish swimming in it. The colors are so beautiful.

Near Ko'olauloa Ranch there are ruins of a sugar mill. I took several pictures from Kam Highway that I thought were very interesting.

This is a high wall with vines growing on it which is also part of the sugar mill ruins.
I got a gift certificate to Headshots and had to use it before it expired. It took the makeup girl quite a while to cover all the wrinkles and age spots, but I think she did a good job. I enjoy being pampered for an hour or so - feel kind of like a movie star : )
Kind of look like a fat Barbara Walters - what do you think?

We had the grandchildren ('Israel, Prinsesa, Ali'i and Robbie) over yesterday all day and had a fun time with them. We played computer games, Playstation 2 games, drew, colored, stamped, played on the monkey bars and swings at the playground nearby, rode my bicycle, watched TV and ate. They are sure fun to be with (except when they are on each others nerves). Rob helped Grandpa with a few chores around the house - thanks!

I'm enjoying my new job more. I work for the International Teachers Education Program. My job is to be a liaison between the students in Tonga, Samoa, Fiji and Kiribati who are in the program and BYU Hawaii and CES. It is currently coordi…


I am still sore from moving all our worldly possessions to our townhouse. We are definitely not used to going up and down stairs all day long. My thighs ache and my arms ache from carrying things. I am going to get a steroid shot in my hammertoe and bum knee today. Luckily we had a moving company to move the furniture and large boxes otherwise both 'Isi and I would be dead already!! We were just going to move temporarily, but have decided we will probably stay put until we retire in five years!

Reasons to like the new place:
Closer to my new job
I get more exercise on the stairs
We have lots of neighbors (babies, kids, dogs, etc.)
Less to clean
More privacy

Reasons to miss the old place:
We miss the students that stayed with us - very interesting (I think we married off about five couples that met while they were staying at our house!
The Air Conditioning
The playground for our grand kids
Our trees - mango, breadfruit and banana

We are so happy that little Lily Ruth has been able to go home t…