Life somehow manages to throw a few curves - Isi found out he will be teaching in the Religion Department - at first he was a big sad that he would not longer be in the administration of the university, but now is excited to get back to teaching full time. Then, I thought my job was "safe" having worked there now for ten years. I had just had my interview with my boss and all seemed fine. Then the following week, I was informed they will be doing away with my job also. Kind of hit me in the face - I'm still not sure what I will do. I have a job interview tomorrow. Who needs money anyway?? Other than that, I'm grateful that we can still stay on campus until December. I'm looking foward to a change, just a little anxious about it. Wish my artwork was good enough to keep me in spending money for the grandkids.

I uploaded some pictures to flickr:
I have been spending quite a bit of time one-on-one with the grandkids. It has been fun and a little less challenging than having them all at the same time.

I had two cortizone shots - one in my knee and one in between my toes. I have been having a hard time walking lately with the pain so the doctor decided on the shots. I feel like a new woman. Hope it lasts for a while. I need my left knee replaced, but I am trying to put it off for a while.

We are getting excited to take Dad Anderson to Europe. He and Mom always came to visit us in Polynesia so they never had the chance to go to England, Denmark and Scotland where their ancestors come from. So, we only thought it fitting to take Dad next summer to see the place. I'm sure Mom will be with us in spirit.