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Germany and a Bavarian Castle

After a short trip through Austria recently, we arrived in the dark at the quaint town of Garmisch, Germany. The attached town of Partenkirchen boasts of fascinating art and murals. Both towns rest quietly at the foot of the Bavarian Alps in the Werdenfelser Valley. Historic buildings, architecture, monuments and so much more line the cobblestone streets. We stayed at The Edelweiss Lodge, which is specifically for veterans of foreign wars. Since we arrived on Halloween night, several decorated pumpkins greeted us. It was a very warm and welcoming resort.  The lodge is named after the Edelweiss flower. The legend goes that a young Bavarian couple was hiking through mountains where Alpine peaks pierced the blue skies. They walked through blooming wildflowers of many colors. On an exposed cliff, the young man spotted a white flower with felt-like petals. Showing his bravery, yet ignoring his own safety, he plucked the flower. It was his ultimate love charm from the Alps to gift to his l…