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Kayaking in Hawaii

Recently our family went to a sand bar in Kaneohe Bay about a half hour from our home. It was a beautiful sunny day with trade winds blowing.

The children were so excited as we boarded the double hull boat with an outboard motor.
I had heard about the sand bar, but it was my first time actually going there. When the tide is low, you can see the sand, but when the tide is high, it disappears.

We were lucky enough to see a few turtles swimming by our boat on our way to the sand bar.
The water was so blue and the surroundings in the Kaneohe Bay never cease to amaze me.
When we arrived at the sand bar, there were several other boats already anchored there, and people had set up some tents. One family was actually having a barbecue.

It was amazing to see so much sand knowing it was just out in the middle of the bay. No roads here! No restaurants, bathrooms, or other amenities. Only sand and sea.

Not to worry. My son had rented a kayak and snorkeling gear. We had brought along our…

Hawaiian Scary Ghost Stories

Most people call them goose bumps, but in Hawaii, when you feel the presence of a ghost, or you are affected by a spooky story, we call it "chicken skin" . This is the sensation where you feel the hair rising on the back of your neck, your eyes get big, and your heartbeat races. This particular ghost story was told by Cheryl Wilson to Glen Grant, a famous story teller in Hawaii, who died in 2003.

The funeral for my grandmother in the spring of 1950 was a beautiful memorial service held in a church in Kaimuki. My grandmother had lived a full life and left this world attended by her large, grieving family. She and my grandfather had been blessed with many children who bore them numerous grandchildren.

When the Mass was over, the final blessings were given to be followed by the procession out of the church. The six pallbearers were chosen to carry my grandmother to her final resting place. They solemnly gathered around her coffin, slightly bent their knees and ge…

October Autumn Leaves in Utah

A Great Ride! We had been cleaning up during a rainy day at my father's in Orem, Utah. There was a break in the rain and the sun came out. I knew it was the best time to hit the road for our annual trip up Utah State Route 92, otherwise known as The Alpine Loop. It is a scenic drive from Provo Canyon to American Fork Canyon or vice versa, a 20 mile breathtaking drive through the Uintah National Forest. I promise you won't be disappointed. Winding Road Getting closer to the turn off for the Alpine Loop, we were able to get a fine look at Bridal Veil Falls. Since I grew up in this area, this is a very familiar site for me, but it never gets old. Sundance Who hasn't heard of Robert Redford and Sundance? After the turn off US 189, you soon come to one of my favorite ski resorts, Sundance. No snow yet, but you never know when it will arrive, sometimes late October, earlier or later. When I used to ski, it was a favorite place to hang out. But, this time, it was all about the a…