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Vancouver Island Canada

Over 360 million year ago, volcanic activity started the creation of what is now Vancouver Island. It is actually the top of an undersea mountain range. Petroglyphs and large stone figures gesturing toward the ocean have been found. It is estimated that the first migrating inhabitants arrived some 5000 years ago.

Captain Vancouver circumnavigated the island between 1792-1794 proving that it was actually an island. It was first named Quadra and Vancouver's Island since Vancouver and the Spanish Captain Quadra had met there several times.

The Spanish and English later fought to control the island with the English winning. There are still several Spanish named landmarks on the island.

In 1846, the Oregon Treaty established the border between Vancouver Island, Canada and the United States at the 49th parallel. Great Britain leased Vancouver Island to the Hudson's Bay Company after making it a Crown Colony in 1849.

It was not until 1866 that the mainland and Vancouve…

International Peace Garden

Where is it? Recently we had a family reunion (my mother's side), and it was held at the Jordan Park in Salt Lake City. Part of the park is a beautifully planned garden called the International Peace Gardens. I didn't know what to expect, but I felt a sacredness and world unity about the place. It is located on the banks of the Jordan River and has been there since 1947. The Purpose Utah is made up of several nationalities. This garden was created to promote the general welfare of the communities in Salt Lake City.

The motto is "Community Service for Civic Improvements". Committees that contribute and maintain the gardens come from the United Nations, Utah Youth Village, Wasatch Youth Center, YWCA, University Hospital and others.

The gardens and structures in the International Peace Gardens symbolize world peace, the true spirit of democracy, literature, cultural heritage, brotherly love and the history of many lands.
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