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Family Reunion at Willard Bay

Camping Out I had never really heard of Willard Bay, so I did not have any expectations when told it was the locale for our Kongaika Family Reunion. Not being a fan of camping out, my husband had arranged for us to stay in a Motel 6 nearby. Actually, sleeping in a tent might have been better.

The next generation (our children) had planned the reunion this year. Things were a bit late, but overall it was a success. We enjoyed spending time together with our cousins and learning more about our family history. The mountains nearby were breathtaking and although it was a bit hot, and the mosquitoes joined in, we made the best of it.

The campsite was pretty compact and included picnic tables, BBQ pits, restrooms and some water hookups. Each family took their turn preparing meals. We tried to eat the kind of meals that our ancestors had eaten in Tonga. The youngest generation aren’t that used to it, but we had plenty of snacks to fill in the gaps.

We were supposed to have a Fa…

The Laughing Samoan Comedians

It is well known that laughter is good for your health. There is enough bad news going around, that I feel it is time for a breather. It took me a few years of living in Hawaii to be introduced to a couple of really funny guys, known as The Laughing Samoans. Without being too crude or offensive, they have been able to go from drawing crowds of a couple hundred to filling up concert halls with thousands of fans.
I won't guarantee you will get all their jokes. But if you have been around Polynesians for any amount of time, you are sure to see the humor in their jokes. As someone said (I don't remember who) Somewhere, fat is beautiful! Polynesians like to make fun about their being overweight. It is easier than going on a diet! Eteuati Ete and Tofiga Fepulea'i are both of Samoan descent. Their first show was in February of 2003 in Wellington, New Zealand. They have been showcased in Australia, Fiji, Rarotonga, Papua New Guinea, and have toured the United States including Hawa…

My Incredible Great Grandmother, Mary Ann Knopp

Mary Ann Knopp was the second child and the oldest daughter of Jens Englehardt Johansen Knopp and Anna Jacobsen, born 17 September, 1870 in Moroni, Utah. 
    As far as we know, mother received the regular grade school education that was available in Moroni in the 1870s and 80s.  She probably attended school in the first school building that was
built in Moroni. This was a square building which was built in the year 1863. This building still stands and is used as a family dwelling at the present time (1980), and is located at 90 Duck
Springs Drive, Moroni, Utah.
    In 1883 a log school room was built in Moroni and was erected on the ground just north of where the present Lincoln Elementary School building is located.  Mother may have attended this "Log School Room", since she would have been 13 years old the year it was erected.
    Mother was married to Niels Heber Anderson in the Manti Temple at Manti, Utah on the 22nd of November 1888 by Daniel H. Wells who was the f…