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December 2008

This is our last year living on BYU Hawaii campus. We will be moving to one of the townhouses near the temple - 11B. We will miss getting to know well the many students that have stayed with us; students from Korea, Japan, Vietnam, China, Brazil, Colombia, and many other interesting places. This month has been busy packing up and trying to get rid of plenty extras - we realize what pack rats we are!! Time to downsize.

We have had many changes this year - both of us changed jobs this year, and with the current economic climate, we are just grateful to still have jobs. 'Isi is now full-time religion instructor and I work at the Department of Education. I work mainly for the International Teacher Education Program (ITEP).

Liana and Siope still live in WestValley with adorable Rachel Ileina and Sprinkles, their dog. Liana is still working as a nurse, and Siope as a youth counselor. We enjoy our short visits with them either in Utah or Hawaii.…

Christmas 2008

This has been a year of change for us - Joel and Meilani moved to Utah, so I lost my baby, Jojo, for a while. We both changed jobs - quite an adjustment for us and now we are moving to the townhouses after being on campus for 12 years. The economy has been as bad as I remember, but we are grateful that we still have jobs to keep us going. We wish all of you a Merry Christmas and hopes for a better new year in 2009.