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I just found one of my first oil paintings - a Tahitian girl - actually it has since been painted over - too bad, now that I see it - it wasn't too bad. Well, at least I have a photo of it. Check out my some of my other pictures at:


We had vog (volcanic fog) that covered the North Shore and made everything eerie for a couple of days. The kilauea volcano has been emitting some gas and the wind has not been able to carry it away. I hadn't seen it like that since I can remember. Sppoky.

Hawaiiana Video

Wanna escape to Paradise? Share this video with family and friends. Enjoy music by songwriter/singer Cubworld.

San Diego

So, here I am while Isi is in San Diego at a conference. Life is about to change for us. In June they will be assigning new Vice Presidents for the university. So, where does that leave us? We'll keep you informed. Five more years to retirement for us, so hopefully we can hang on somewhere until then. Joel and the girls slept over last night and we are going to Chucky Cheeses for lunch today. It is Abi's birthday and we will be watching the kids. Then Nina invited me over for dinner. She will have her baby on Monday (C-section) so she wanted to have a last big party with all her friends before the big day. It will be Sophia if it is a girl and Shane if it is a boy. We're excited to see who comes out.

Hawaii Calls

Here we are enjoying the sites, smells and sounds of Hawaii every day. I know many are having a long hard winter this year. Send a special gift to your favorite person or redecorate your bedroom, bathroom or living room with art of Hawaii. The people, the flowers, the scenery always bring fond memories of better times or give hope in difficult times.