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Family Reunion at Willard Bay

Camping OutI had never really heard of Willard Bay, so I did not have any expectations when told it was the locale for our Kongaika Family Reunion. Not being a fan of camping out, my husband had arranged for us to stay in a Motel 6 nearby. Actually, sleeping in a tent might have been better.

The next generation (our children) had planned the reunion this year. Things were a bit late, but overall it was a success. We enjoyed spending time together with our cousins and learning more about our family history. The mountains nearby were breathtaking and although it was a bit hot, and the mosquitoes joined in, we made the best of it.

The campsite was pretty compact and included picnic tables, BBQ pits, restrooms and some water hookups. Each family took their turn preparing meals. We tried to eat the kind of meals that our ancestors had eaten in Tonga. The youngest generation aren’t that used to it, but we had plenty of snacks to fill in the gaps.

We were supposed to have a Fam…

Hawaii Navigation By The Stars

The stars played an important role in ancient ocean navigation. Stargazing is almost becoming a lost art in the Pacific. Fortunately, the Hawaiian Astronomical Society, The Polynesian Voyaging Society, as well as other individuals are inspiring many locals to study the stars again.

When I lived in Tonga, we traveled on little boats between the islands. Often there were no life jackets or emergency equipment of any kind. I feel fortunate to have lived through those experiences.
I was often amazed how the navigators of the little boats had a sense of where they were from the feel of the waves or swells on their hands, the wind, as well as from the stars at night.

I have been on some big ships that have many sophisticated instruments to keep them on course. This is a far cry from the non-instrument navigators I experienced in the little islands. These navigators have become finely attuned to nature. Even the color of the ocean and the shapes of clouds have meaning to one who has observe…