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The Magic of Austria

On a crisp fall day in November, we drove through the Western part of Austria on our way to Germany. The autumn leaves were amazingly brilliant as though they were boasting just for us.
Even though the country is landlocked, the landscape includes great natural beauty from the Eastern Alps to lush forests and valleys. It is a favorite destination in the summer for musical festivals and in the winter for skiing.

Castles and Monasteries Austria is known for ancient castles, monasteries and a few well-preserved medieval cities such as Salzburg, home of Mozart and other musical geniuses.

What an opportunity to learn more about some of the world's most famous and experience so much culture and tradition. The city is divided in two parts, the right and left bank of the River Salzach. The older part is on the left bank, dating back to Roman times, and can be accessed by several bridges.

We were with four of our grandchildren who kept the trip lively and never boring. The city is very fa…

The Magic of Italy

Over Too Soon! Before the Paris attacks, we spent three splendid weeks in Europe. It all feels like a dream, but it did happen. With my deepest sympathy to those who are currently suffering, I would like to make a record of where we traveled and my impressions before I forget.

Our main reason for going to Italy was to be with our son and his family for his promotion in his vocation. We were so happy for this opportunity to be with them, and since we had not traveled there before, it was even more exciting.
Exploring Italy It was intriguing to us that we could travel to four countries in four days, by car, bus and train. This miraculous feat included Italy, Austria, Germany and the Vatican. We only had so much time when our son could travel with us.

Exploring Italy would take years, but the parts we visited were mesmerizing. In the small town where we stayed, even the birds were very impressive.They were plentiful and sang beautiful melodies I was not familiar with. The…

Two Scoops Rice in Hawaiian Style BBQ Plate Lunch

Hungry for Plate Lunch In Hawaii, lunch time usually means heading down to the local L & L Hawaiian Barbeque and getting a plate lunch.

There are a variety of meats available including pork, chicken, beef, fish or curry.

The portions are enough to satisfy a Polynesian appetite and usually comes with two scoops of rice and macaroni salad.

If you are very health conscious, you can trade one scoop of rice for a vegetable salad or coleslaw. The meat is served on a nest of grated cabbage and comes with soya sauce, tartar sauce or a lemon depending on the meat.

Actually L & L is one of my favorite places to eat in Hawaii, and chicken katsu would be may favorite choice on the menu.

L & L Hawaiian Barbecue became so popular that islands lovers in other states and other areas of world. It is now found in Alaska, Colorado, Arizona, California, Nevada, New York, Oregon, Texas, Utah, Washington, American Samoa and New Zealand.

One plate lunch available at L & L the Hawaiia…