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Move from the Mainland to Hawaii

So, you are moving to Hawaii. Lucky you! Beautiful scenery, temperate weather, and beaches! Living in Paradise has some perks, and also some extra costs. You will be better prepared and assimilate
faster into the community if you are aware of a few things.

Best Places to Visit in Mexico


Mary’s Miracle - Opening the Windows of Heaven in Africa | Meridian Magazine


History and Art in Utah Fairview Museum

A Sentimental Journey
I recently went on a sentimental journey with my father to Sanpete County in Utah. He wanted to drive to where he was born, raised, married and worked. My husband came along, and we taped my father as he recalled places, dates and people who had influenced him through his life. Mother passed away a few years ago, and my father often thinks about her and the relationship they had.

We began our journey in Orem, where my father now resides. He has lived there since I was four years old, so nearly sixty years ago. I must have made this trip from Orem to Sanpete County hundreds of times during my life. But, as I age, I notice different things. The mountains really impressed me this time, with their freshly fallen snow. It was a beautiful sunny day with blue sky and moderate temperatures.

We stayed on Utah's Heritage Highway I-89 for the first half of our trip and returned on I-15. Founded in 1859, nestled at the northern end of historic, pastoral Sa…

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My Husband Wrote Me A Love Song

Egypt Trip

Some of the footage from our visit to Egypt.

Funny Video for your perusal.


Italy or Bust

We started off the New Year by staying up late and playing games and eating ourselves to death (almost). Excited to see what 2015 brings us.

One thing for sure we know that we will be traveling to Italy for the first time, some time in November. We are looking forward to it and would appreciate any help, tips, sight suggestions, etc.
We know we will be in Venice, but not sure where else.