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How to Make a Hawaiian Plumeria or other Flower Lei

Sharing Aloha
Lei giving is part of living in Hawaii. Leis represent the aloha spirit. They are given for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays, graduation, weddings, anniversaries, for special guests at meetings on Sunday, and of course, when tourists arrive or family comes to visit.
In our yard we had a white plumeria tree and also a pink plumeria tree. I would send my granddaughter out to pick the flowers on the lower branches, or she would use a broom to knock the blossoms off the higher limbs, and then gather them and put them in a plastic bag with a little water spritz to keep them fresh. Then we would sit down together and make our very own lei to share with someone.

Utah The Land of Funeral Potatoes and Lime Jello

Part of the Utah culture involves traditional comfort foods.
It began when the Women’s Relief Society Organization of the Mormon LDS Church.
With the theme of charity and ever ready to lend a hand to the sick or
bereaved, the weighty casserole otherwise known as au gratin potatoes is a cheesy
side dish of scalloped potatoes with a cornflake crust better known as funeral
potatoes in Utah. You cannot buy this at a store, but the majority of Utah
women could make it off the top of their head at a moment’s notice.

Utah The Land of Funeral Potatoes and Lime Jello

Travel to Rotorua, New Zealand

A trip to the land of the long white cloud would not be complete without visiting the enchanting place called Rotorua. Adventurous people will enjoy the geothermal forces, biking trails,
walking tracks and Maori art and culture available all in one place.
There are 16 lakes, tall redwood trees and miles of endless activities
for families and individuals alike.

For those that come with families, they can bottle feed lambs, watch
sheep sheering demonstrations or witness the kiwi bird in its natural
habitat. Kids can get all muddy in the geothermal pools, or have a water
rafting or jet boating adventure.

Travel to Rotorua, New Zealand

Honeymoon in Hawaii

I like people watching. Since I live in Hawaii, I see tourists from all over the world. There are some celebrating their anniversaries, birthday or family reunions. The ones I enjoy watching the most are those on their honeymoons. They actually can be from all age groups - some of them are in their 20s, 30s, 40s all the way up to 80s and 90s (yes, believe it!). Since I live close to the Polynesian Cultural Center, I witness as these newlywed couples always invited up on stage to dance as the featured entertainer can sing the Hawaiian Wedding Song to them. Couples from all walks of life participate.

Waffles and Berry Love

We recently moved back to the Rocky Mountains where I grew up. I was so excited for the berry season. I started craving fresh raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, and cherries, when they are in peak season. As a young girl, I spent summers picking berries for extra money. I would say a mantra as I worked, “one for my mouth”  -  “one for the bucket!”

Freshly picked berries go great with waffles. Our family love waffles any time - breakfast, lunch or dinner! Topped with fresh berries and a bit of Reddi-wip, they please even the pickiest of eaters. At only 15 calories per serving of Reddi-wip, together with the goodness of berries (nature’s food), you have an attractive and appetizing low-calorie meal.

So, I wanted to share my waffle recipe with you, so you can also make some hot steamy waffles, place your favorite berry or berries on top, and add a delicious dollop of Reddi-wip.

Fluffy Waffles

 Waffle Ingredients:

2 cups flour (all purpose)
1 tablespoon sugar
2 tsp. ba…

The Best Father in the World

You may not agree, but I have the best father in the world.
He is a hard working man and quite fit for his 87 years. My Dad is a self-made man. He came from a family who raised sheep and chickens and became educated enough to build a four-story home for his family. I mean literally, brick by brick, electricity, plumbing and all. He bought books and learned how to build a home. He can fix almost anything. All his neighbors, who are highly educated, call him whenever they need a handyman.

My father has worked at many different jobs, sometimes two at a time, to keep food on the table and keep his wife happy (which was not easy). He did get some college in and became an accountant for a little company. He raised four children, my brother, me and my two sisters. My brother is a medical doctor, one sister a nurse, another works withspecial needs children, and I, well, I write amongst other endeavors.

The Best Father in the World

How to Treat Box Jellyfish Stings

How to Treat Box Jellyfish Stings

doesn't love a visit to the beach on a gorgeous day in Hawaii? I know I
do! Grab the sunscreen, a towel and make your way down to Hukilau or
Pounders beach for a fun time in the sun. Great time, right? What could
ruin this perfect time? An influx of box jellyfish could do it.

Don't be fooled when you are venturing into the wild, including the
ocean, you must be aware of what aquatic creatures you may encounter.
Educate your children so they know what to do. These creatures are
willing and able to defend their territory, so respect them or you may
be sorry.

Hawaiian Party Costumes and Makeup Ideas

may be having a party and have chosen a Hawaiian theme. Or, you might
have decided to go trick or treating as a Polynesian maiden.

Don't worry men, we did not forget you! You can go as a Haka Warrior
Hunk! Children also love to dress up in hula skirts and leis. And, don't
forget your dog!

Whatever the reason is, here are some costume and makeup ideas you
might want to consider. For sure it will put you in a festive mood. You
will feel like you are already in Paradise.

Hawaiian Party Costumes and Makeup Ideas

Best Botanical Gardens on Oahu - Beyond Honolulu