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Back from Utah

I was lucky enough to go to Utah to spend two weeks. The first I spent at Joel and Meilani's house. Joel still works in Hawaii so while he was here, I was there with his little family. Hopefully I helped out some with little Lily Ruth, Anna, Eryn and Jojo. I loved being with the kids again and miss them so much already. It was snowy, windy, but that didn't stop us from playing. I especially enjoyed being with Lily since it was our first acquaintance to each other. She managed to melt my heart and wrap herself around my little pinkie.

I also visited with Jacob, Mandy, Jacob Tupou, Zion, and Izabella. They have such sweet children who look out for one another. We are excited that Jacob, Mandy and Izabella will be able to come to Hawaii in May. Actually Cubworld will have his concert on May 16 at BYU Hawaii so get the word out.

The next week I spent with Liana who had surgery. She had a growth taken out of her abdomen and it was benign so we are very grateful for that. I enjoyed p…