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New Pictures

I have been taking more pictures as we travel around the island of Oahu. I thought I would share them with you. We traveled to the south east shore of Oahu last weekend on our way to Kahala Mall. I am always inspired by the beauty of the coast on the south side of the island. It nearly takes my breath away.

Here there are many rock formations and there are several birds that hang around.

On the right is a picture taken near the Kahuku Hospital where several of my grandchildren were born so it has special significance to me.

Close by is a bridge on the way out of Laie. I have often wanted to stop and take a shot of the place where the water from the mountains empties into the ocean. It was quite tricky and I had to watch the traffic carefully so I didn't get run over while taking the picture since there is not much wiggle room but here is the result.

Hope you enjoy my pictures.

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